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Hide Glue Pot & Warmer Set

Hide Glue Pot & Warmer Set

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This double-boiler pot surrounds the inner pot with water to evenly distribute heat and help prevent scorching of the glue, even when placed on a constant heat source. The water also helps insulate it to retain warmth when removed from the heat source.

This pot is a replica of a classic Landers, Frary & Clark glue pot first made in the 1870s, reproduced right down to the decorative sunburst on the hinged lid. Where the original was cast iron, ours is cast from stainless steel for improved rust resistance.

The removable inner pot holds up to 1 fl oz of glue, and the outer pot holds 2 1/2 fl oz of water. Measures 3" in diameter and 2 3/8" tall overall.

The included electric tabletop warmer keeps the glue warm for longer periods. This small ceramic hotplate has a 39" long cord and can be used safely on any flat surface.

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