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Damper felt cutting block

Damper felt cutting block

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This cutting block enables you to cut monochord, bichord, and trichord damper felt strips to length quickly and neatly. Two different "V" grooves and one square groove hold the felt snugly, preventing distortion of the felt as a knife or razor blade slices through. The result is a clean, square cut on each piece of felt and a factory look to your damper job.

In addition to a slot for 90 degree cuts, there are six angled slots. This allows mitering the felt to match those damper heads with angled ends found in the bass and tenor of some grands. When making your own custom bass dampers for uprights, use the 35 degree slot to bevel the top ends. They can then be positioned higher, closer to the hammers for better damping.
This cutting block is easy on the knife blade yet will never wear out. For best results, use a razor knife with snap off section blades.
2-1/4" wide x 7" long x 1" high.
Square groove: 13/32" wide x 9/16" deep
Narrow V groove: 39 degrees x 9/16" deep
Wide V groove: 47 degrees x 9/16" deep 

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