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Vertical Piano Life Saver System (Backside)

Vertical Piano Life Saver System (Backside)

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Keeping consistent humidity is an essential part of piano maintenance. Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver Systems are the best way to protect a piano from the devastating effects of humidity changes, such as tuning instability, sluggish keys & actions, and cracked soundboards & bridges.

This 8-part Piano Life Saver Systems is designed for installation on the back of an upright piano, when the normal internal installation is not possible. The system includes three 18-inch dehumidifiers, two humidifiers (water tanks) with smart bracket, an LED 3-light panel, an H-5 humidistat, pads to wick water, a water can, a fill tube, a grille-cloth cover, and all necessary hardware.

This BSV8PS backside system is recommended for all Steinway verticals.

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